WP Coach Pro Version 1.5

Today we released version 1.5 of WP Coach Pro. This is a major upgrade to introduce direct integration with a variety of premium membership site plugins.

This new version includes the following:


  • Direct Integration with MemberMouse, MemberSonic (Pro & Lite), Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, and S2 Member.  Now client portals are automatically closed when they cancel their membership subscription or are removed from that membership level.  Clients are also automatically added to whichever coaching program maps to the membership level they purchased.


  • Streamlined the email settings for easier update
  • Reworked the Generic Integration Mode to improve usability and limit the number of coaching programs to one.


  • Addressed a number of calculation errors in the dashboard as a result of multiple coaching programs running in Generic Integration Mode.


You can download the new version in the members area.


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