The Value Exchange Process

Integrating Systems With WordPress

In the Value Creation Process, I explained the difference between systems and projects, and the importance of understanding how to manage projects.  This is the core skill set needed to start creating value in your business... in the form of new products, systems, etc.

In the Value Positioning Process, I covered the 7 steps to creating what will become your Authority site - where you will provide value and lead your visitors to become prospects and your prospects to become buyers.

And that brings us to the Value Exchange Process.  This is where money exchanges (bank accounts) and your products are delivered to the customer.

Brick and mortar businesses can carry inventory and make the sale over the counter.  It's pretty easy (with the proper equipment).

Online businesses need a few more automations and controls to make that happen.

More specifically, you need an automated way to collect payment and give the customer access to the product - without you actually having to do anything.

One of the best ways to do this (using WordPress of course) is to create a membership site using a plugin like MemberSonic Pro.



A membership site plugin will protect your content and automate the process of payment collection (by integrating with a system like PayPal).  It will create a user account for your customer so they can access only the content they purchased - while at the same time adding that customer to your mailing list.

How sweet is that. 🙂

This is the value delivery platform of your business.

There are many WordPress membership site plugins on the market... some free.  In fact, we've got a free version called MemberSonic Lite (if you would like to receive it, along with a short training course the click on the link below).

We are strong supporters (and active users) of membership sites in our business.  We teach thousands of customers on the topic of recurring revenue and how to create a successful membership site.

We also cover action plans on this topic in the One Result Membership too.  In fact, besides being experts in WordPress product creation, we are also experts in membership site implementation.


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