The Value Positioning Process

Your Storefront Built On WordPress

In the Value Creation Process, I explained the difference between systems and projects, and the importance of understanding how to manage projects.  This is the core skill set needed to start creating value in your business... in the form of new products, systems, etc.

Now it's time to explain the Value Positioning Process.

Like any business, you need a series of processes in order to deliver value to your customers… and get paid for that value. Now while you can make a bare-bones site that consists of a sales page and a thank you page, I encourage you to consider setting up a full “sales system” on your site. Doing so will help you increase your response rate and build a prospect list.

When it comes to setting up your website, there can be many ways to do it.  I recommend building it yourself with WordPress.

The following is a list of the main components of your website and sales/delivery process.

Step 1: Select A Domain Name. In this step you learned how to select a domain name to fit your niche market.

Step 2: Purchase Hosting. Here you found out how to select the right hosting provider.

Step 3: Install WordPress. In this step you learned how to easily install WordPress without having to be a tech geek.

Step 4: Select And Install A Theme. This is where you discovered how brand the look and feel of your WordPress site.

Step 5: Install Free Plugins. Everyone loves the word “Free”, and that’s exactly what you learned in this step – the 5 free plugins you can install to build your sales funnel.

Step 6: Set Up Your Sales Funnel. This is where you discovered how to structure the sales  funnel process – what pages you need and why.

Step 7: Start Selling! Finally, this is where you start making money – with affiliate driven traffic.

For now, just about everything I outline above can be done for free.  The exceptions are:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting

The plugins and theme can be found in the free WordPress repository.  Now all you need is to hookup your PayPal account to the front end and you are ready to receive traffic... and start making sales.

Obviously I've simplified this process because the finer points couldn't possibly be covered in this short article.

We cover many core concepts in the One Result Membership - which focus on the mechanics of building an authority site using WordPress.  As you master elements of your WordPress site you will gradually "Step Up" and invest in better plugins and themes to enhance your site.  But don't worry, we cover that too.  🙂


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