WP Coach Pro Version 1.01

Today we released version 1.01 of WP Coach Pro. This marks the death of the BETA version. 🙂

This new version includes the following:


  • Coaches can now record and post Audio replies to client questions.
  • Auto reply to emails sent that exceed allowable posts per day.


  • Reworked ‘coaching programs’ section under General Settings.  Administrators can now add/delete programs as well as edit the program title directly in the General Settings
  • Changed custom post types from ‘Correspondence’ to ‘Consultations’.
  • Added Name, Status, and Number of Replies to the ‘Consultations’ screen in the WordPress admin panel.
  • Added an auto update feature for future releases of the plugin.


  • Eliminated the auto creation of the default coaching program types.


You can download the new version in the members area.  NOTE – future versions will also be available as auto updates in your WordPress admin panel.

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