The Good Genius

I would never call Alex an ‘Evil’ Genius.  He has an incredible heart.

But he is a Genius.  I can come up with an idea, he can spin it, then transform it into a new feature in our software.

Sonic Reply is our mad creation.

We have been using it on our support desk at for over a month now.  It’s awesome.

But of course, I’m always coming up with ideas… and Alex is ready to spin them.

So in addition to all of the great features already in place, we’ve got a few more ‘goodies’ for you when Sonic Reply officially launches on August 6th, 2014.

These new features include;

  • Facebook Integration – register and login using your Facebook account.
  • Language Translation – for my friends around the world.
  • Mobile Responsive Front End – did I mention how much I like to use my iphone to manage my support desk?  I answer tickets when I’m at Starbucks.
  • Dynamic navigation menu – show/hide links based on login status… makes for a simple and clean menu.


We’ve got a few more too… but I don’t want to tell you everything just yet. :)



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