Sonic Reply Version 1.2 Released

Today we released version 1.2 of Sonic Reply. This is new version includes the following:


  • Added the ability to include an audio reply (30 seconds long) when replying through the system.
  • Added pdf reporting feature which allows for automatic submittal of dashboard metrics to an email of your choice (perfect for sending periodic performance reports to the company owner or support staff manager).
  • Ability to re-open closed tickets.



  • Fixed hyperlinks in the Response Time Analysis section of the dashboard.
  • Fixed conflict with page redirect after logging in when using MemberSonic.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to delete/change the default departments.
  • Fixed an issue with tags being applied to new tickets.
  • Fixed an issue with the knowledge base ‘more’ button not working.
  • Fixed an issue with the Sonic Reply sidebar widget causing format issues with other widgets.



  • Improved the search capabilities within the Knowledgebase.
  • Upgraded our auto update script for improved stability.


Please login to the members area as soon as possible and download the latest version.

To upgrade, please deactivate and delete version 1.1.1, then upload and activate version  1.2.  Alternatively you can wait until you see the auto update notification in your WordPress admin panel.




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