Sonic Reply Version 1.0 Released

Today we released version 1.0 of Sonic Reply. This formal release includes the following:


  • Facebook Integration – Customers can now register and login using their Facebook account
  • Fully Mobile Responsive – Front end pages are now mobile responsive… and so is the backend dashboard!
  • Language Translation – PO file has been included for language translation
  • Show/Hide Pages – You can now hide and show navigation menu pages based on logged in status (streamlines the navigation menu)
  • Ticket Rating – Customers can now rate the support experience for every ticket
  • New Shortcodes – You can now choose from a variety of shortcodes that will display live queue status for visitors
  • Additional Charts – Two new charts have been added to the dashboard for greater insight into support performance


  • Improved email integration – added SMTP, GMAIL, and SSL integration features to provide for more secure email piping and reduced changes of spam


  • Numerous bug fixes implemented

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