One Direction, One Result

Over the past 3 months we have been working hard on a new “Smart Membership Site” that houses all of our core premium plugins and training programs.  I’m pleased to announce it is ready for release.

This is an entirely new business strategy for Plugin Results.  Over the past 6 years we’ve created many WordPress plugins (and training courses)  – all of which have been sold as a single payment purchase with no fee for ongoing support or maintenance.

For years we’ve continued to add new features to most of these plugins, and provide ongoing customer support with dedicated programmers manning the help desk.  All at a cost that has been difficult to sustain.
I continued to resist the model that our competitors use… too stubborn in my ways to provide extra value and position our company differently than others.

Alas, I submit, and admit… this is a flawed business model.

Free support doesn’t help anyone.  It breads inequity for both the vendor and the customer.

Free updates don’t help the customers who build a business on our products with the expectation that these products will continue to be updated and improved – and are willing to pay to ensure that happens.

And providing free services does nothing to ensure sustained profitability and long term growth for Plugin Results.

So I officially announce some significant changes.  And it starts with our One Result Membership.


What is the One Result Membership?

Our new One Result Membership is a way for us to give back in exchange for ongoing covering a small monthly fee that is used for providing premium customer support and product updates.  One Result is a way for us to focus on providing new products (plugins and courses) that all of our customers can benefit from with a fair exchange of value.

In our One Result Membership, you get access to all of our premium plugins and courses for a low monthly subscription.  You get access to one new product each month.  You get access to a monthly “Project Office” live webinar where we cover such things as what’s working now, case studies, and “how to” examples.  And finally you get access to a range of ongoing bonuses that include software applications that can help you in your online business.

Never pay for a new plugin from us again in this model. Use all of our existing products and get access to all future ones. Cancel at anytime.   In the event you cancel, your version of the plugins will continue to work (with your license key); however you will no longer receive customer support or future plugin updates.

How does your new customer support plan work for existing plugin customers?

Your accounts have been migrated to  Your new license key is in the members area.  If the product you purchases was within the past 12 months, its still covered under the initial 1 year support/update plan.  If you purchased prior to 12 months ago, you will need to either purchase a support/update renewal ($20 per year per plugin), or subscribe to One Result (and gain access to all current and future plugins).

What is the new product release for December?

We are excited to release WP Course Plan.  This is a ‘smart’ plugin that generates product/course grid layouts for your sales pages, members dashboards, or even download pages (We use all three in our One Results website).  You get WP Course Plan added to the members area in your One Result membership, or you can purchase it separately by clicking here (with a single purchase you get support/updates for 1 year from date of purchase).


What happens if I don’t renew a support plan on a single plugin purchase?

I you don’t renew your support/update plan, you will continue to be able to use your existing version of the plugin, but you can no longer request customer support or receive new updates of the plugin.


A Few Additional Items…

As we strategized what to include in One Result, it became apparent that over the years we have lost our focus on content production and delivery.  Some of our plugins – while very useful – didn’t fit our product line.  So these 4 plugins have been sold to separate businesses to 2 stellar individuals.

WP Affiliate Surge , WP Sonic Defender, and WP Hawkeye – Gene Pimentel is the new owner.  I have great respect for Gene as a product creator and online entrepreneur.  He will treat you with the respect you deserve.

WP Ad Hub –  James Shutt will take care of you from here on.  James has been a long time customer and has studied under me in the area of plugin creation and marketing.  I trust James with my life, and so I trust you are in good hands.


We have also moved all of our products over to ONE payment platform – Thrivecart.  This makes for a positive purchase experience for our customers and streamlines the entire process for us.

As always, I value your feedback.  If you have questions please feel free to send me an email at andrew[at]  I’ll do my best to answer you as quickly as possilble.  To that end, I’m also happy to announce that Alex (the creator of most of the plugins included in One Result) has returned as Lead Developer at Plugin Results.   I’ve missed Alex dearly and it’s great to have him back on the team.  We are stronger with him.

That’s it for now.  All future news/updates will be posted on this website.

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