MemberSonic Version 1.305 Release Notes

Version 1.305 of MemberSonic is now available to our customers.  This new version is a critical update for those that are using Godaddy as a hosting provider, and for those using the drip feed functionality.


  • Email Notifications – On some hosting platforms (like Godaddy), the default MemberSonic mailer may not send the welcome email with the user login credentials.  We have now added a new feature under the (General Settings – Mailer Options) to allow you to send emails using the php mailer function.
  • IP Lockout – We have added the ability to automatically lockout members based on the number if different IP addresses used to login to the site.


  • Free Registration Fields – We have removed the ‘username’ field from the free registration form and forced the username to be the email address.
  • [ MEMBERSHIP ] Shortcode – We added hyperlinks to the output of this shortcode.
  • Welcome Email Login Token – We tagged the login token to the actual login page specified in the general settings.


  • Drip Feed By Date – We fixed a bug that caused the drip feed by date to function incorrectly when using multiple membership levels.
  • PayPal Recurring Payment Cancellation – We fixed a bug that caused the member account to be deleted when cancelling a recurring subscription.
  • [ FIRSTNAME ] Shortcode – We removed a space that existed immediately after the output of the member name.

Please login to the members area and download the new version or wait to see it in the WordPress auto-updates.

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