MemberSonic Version 1.272 Release Notes

I get more and more excited with each new version of MemberSonic!

Today we released version 1.272, and it is PACKED with nifty new features… check out this list!


  • On Page/Post Editor Settings – Now you can protect and drip feed content directly on each page/post edit screen.
  • Hyperlinked Names In Members Mgmt – The name of each member is now hyperlinked to their profile page, making for quick access to a member in the event the administrator needs to change the members password on their behalf.
  • Hyperlinked Membership Levels – We have hyperlinked the membership levels/products listed on both the login page and the sidebar login widget. The hyperlinks point back to the ‘after login page’ for each membership level/product.
  • Customize Teaser Shortcode ‘error message’ – Added the ability to customize the text that is displayed when members do not have access to content for a particular membership level/product.
  • Multiple levels/products in one Teaser Shortcode – Added the ability to include multiple membership levels/products within one teaser shortcode.
  • Drip Feed Shortcode – Added a new shortcode to display links for posts/pages that are scheduled for delivery using the drip feed feature of MemberSonic.
  • Password Reset Shortcode – Added a new shortcode to allow members to reset their password directly from the login page. This shortcode can be placed below the login shortcode.


  • Fixed a bug where if the admin did not select a ‘content not yet available’ page url the protected content was no longer protected.

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