MemberSonic Version 1.271 Release Notes

Today we released a new version of MemberSonic. Version 1.271 includes 3 great new features.

This version includes:


  • Remove From Levels – this feature allows you to automatically remove a member from an existing level when they upgrade to a new level.
  • Membership Level Specific “After Login” Page – this feature allows you to specify an after login page for each membership level.  If they are members of multiple levels then the default “After Login” page will override all others.
  • Content Not Yet Available Page – this feature allows you to specify a unique ‘error’ page for when a member clicks on a page/post that is drip fed content and not yet available to them.


After upgrading to this new version you must specify your “Content Not Yet Available” page in the general settings, and the “After Login” page for each membership level that you currently have.

product-loginpage settings-contenturl

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