MemberSonic 1.262 Release Notes

Version 1.262 adds some time saving features and addresses several bugs associated with paid member registration.


  • Fixed an issue with welcome email sender details (now pulls the name from the admin settings).
  • Improved the membership level/product ‘save’ functionality.  When an update is now saved, the membership level details now show (instead of showing an empty membership level).
  • Fixed an issue with some product details being removed when a membership level/product was updated.
  • Fixed an issue with registering paid members that purchase a second membership level/product and are already a member in the system.
  • Fixed an integration issue with the Warrior Plus “Standard” system where members were not properly being added to the system.


  • Added a shortcode to the page/post editor to add a PayPal button code directly in the editing screen.
  • Added a multi-use shortcode to the page/post editor to add the following items directly in the editing screen;
    • Login shortcode
    • Amazon S3 download protection shortcode
    • Free registration form shortcode
    • Teaser shortcode

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