Focus On The Bottlenecks In Your Business


In this article I’m going to give you an important lesson on bottlenecks, or obstacles in your business.

In other words, that one thing that is the most important thing to address that is holding you back from achieving success.

In this tutorial, I’m going to use a real example of a common mistake that many online entrepreneurs make…

Today you will be bombarded by emails promoting a new product called EasyVSL.

It’s a new software from Mark Thompson and his partner.

Disclaimer:  I love Mark’s stuff and the man himself.  Few people in this industry have the integrity and professionalism that he demonstrates.

This new software basically helps you to create nice slides for your video presentations.

And it looks like every man and his dog is promoting it today.

Why?  Because it’s a good product, and Mark’s stuff always ‘converts’ (meaning affiliates will make good commissions promoting it).

But do you really need it???

Todays Lesson:  Bottlenecks 101

A bottleneck is a constraint, something that is preventing you from achieving a certain target.  It may be generating more revenue, increasing your client base, increasing conversions.

Each of these require a process, a series of activities with inputs that create an output.

In this example, you create video sales letters as part of your sales funnel.

A video sales letter has several inputs;
– sales copy
– software to create the slides (Powerpoint)
– software to create the audio/video recording (Camtasia)

Now most people already have a desktop app that creates slides (Powerpoint etc).  If you don’t then you need one (and in this case then I would recommend checking out EasyVSL).

But if you already have one, then what is the advantage of getting a replacement?

Will the investment justify a long term savings?


But the real question to ask yourself is… what is the one area in my business that – if fixed – will immediately result in an increase in revenue (or achieving the specific goal you set)?


Spend your money fixing that.

So in my own case, I don’t need EasyVSL.

I’m a software nut, and I like trying new things.  But in my case I know how to use Powerpoint with Camtasia and it works just fine for me and thousands of other online entrepreneurs.

For me, EasyVSL is a ‘nice to have’, but by not focusing my attention on my real constraint it just becomes a distraction and opportunity cost.

My constraint is sales copy for my video sales letters.  So if I want to see an immediate improvement in my business, then I should focus on improving my sales copy.

Moreover, there is an opportunity cost associated with me buying EasyVSL today.  I’d be spending my money on the wrong thing, and I’d miss out on the long term opportunity to generate revenue as the result of NOT fixing the thing that requires the most attention.

It’s all about the process.

Bottom line:  Focus your attention on the most important area that is holding you back from achieving the success you desire.

I hope this helps you make an informed decision on EasyVSL.

PS.  Internet Marketing is a lot like Politics… but I’ll save that talk for another day.

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