Don’t Be Crushed By Unfinished Projects


There are some that think that a program like Basecamp is a project management software.

There are some that think a project management software will manage projects for them.

There are some that need to learn a thing or two about how to manage projects.

If there’s one skill set that every online entrepreneur must have at least some understanding of… it’s project management.

It’s the foundation to your success when it comes to executing work.

You see, nothing in your business starts out as a system.

Systems need to be implemented, and that’s a project.

Product creation needs has a beginning, a middle, and an end… and so that’s a project.

In all of the areas that I work and teach, Project Management is the common denominator that applies to everything.

And so it’s the one thing that I teach to ALL of my clients.

Case Study:  In our Plugin Profit Secrets eclass, we have one module almost entirely dedicated to Project Management.  Our clients learn how I manage projects… so they see how I plan out the work to be done, manage the programmer that is doing the work, and ensure the project comes in on budget, on schedule, and produces a quality project (this one module is worth the cost of the entire course!).

Understanding how to manage projects also means you understand how to manage work.  And executing work in the right sequence means things get done!

Anyone can attest that moving forward means getting things done on time while ensuring that your output is of the highest quality.

But what if you have somehow found yourself at the crossroads of not getting things done and not being satisfied with your work? Have you thought about what could be the root cause  for this lack of productivity?

Here are 7 reasons why you may not be moving forward with your projects:

1.  Wrong Focus:  You are focusing on the wrong things or tasks. Sometimes, the thought of success and doing a lot of things for your business can get you to miss on seeing the real picture such as what your business actually needs.

2.  Multitasking:  Too much multitasking and very little single tasking can seriously affect your productivity. If you are taking in and doing too many things, you will find yourself being pulled away from your actual goals.

3.  Unclear Goals:  Your projects’ aims or goals are not clear. What does your business actually need? What do you want to see it do for your business? Set your goals straight.

4.  Information Overload:  You overload yourself with too much information that you fail to distinguish which ones are relevant to your company. Pick out and use only the pertinent information, otherwise you will end up confused and unable to complete your tasks with accuracy.

5.  Disruption:  Distractions can get the best of you. This means that having a lot of things on your mind can keep you from focusing on your goals. And take note, distractions are not just about other tasks that you have in mind, distractions also include friends, partying too hard and too often and those times that you spend lollygagging during office hours.

6.  Poor Organization:  Disorganized and dysfunctional work system. Of course, this is pretty much understandable, considering that fact that having a disorganized system can greatly affect you and your company’s productivity.

7.  Poor Work Procedures:  Lack of strict rules and work ethics. The thing here is that, you should always have to have a strict set of rules to make sure that you and your team would be able to move according to your original plans.

There can be a number of different and multiple factors that can contribute to unfinished projects…. these are just a few.

The key is to focus on one project at at time – the sooner you finish that project the sooner you start seeing rewards from it .

In this short video, Rich Schefren from Strategic Profits talks about being able to identify what drives you and why it’s necessary to give 100% to every thing you do. In particular he highlights the importance of giving 100% to the one project that will get you to the finish line as fast as possible.

So what is that one project that you could 100% of your focus right now in order to see immediate results?

As online entrepreneurs we are always coming up with new ideas for products and services for our business.  The problem is that many of us just don’t follow through.  I’m willing to bet that you have several unfinished projects on the go… some that you haven’t touched in months… simply because of another idea or opportunity that came your way.

These unfinished projects are like work in progress ‘inventory’, and as such they have a cost associated to them.  Excessive inventory costs brick and mortar businesses money.  These unfinished projects are costing you money too.

So watch the video again, and listen closely to what my friend Rich has to say.  Then review those unfinished projects and select one that you can champion now and see results over the short term.






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