2.13 – WebinarJam Integration


Integrating with WebinarJam will allow you to automatically register new members to a series of webinars.  This is perfect for a group coaching program.  There are 3 steps involved in the integration process.

Step 1:  In your WebinarJam webinar settings, check the ‘Activate API’ box under Integrations.  Copy your MemberID, Webicode, and API Key (you will need these items).



Step 2:  Under MemberSonic – General Settings, select WebinarJam.  Enter your MemberID and API Key from step 1.



Step 2:  Under MemberSonic – Dashboard, select Edit Product/Level.  Check the ‘Enable WebinarJam’ box, and enter your Webicode step 1. You can enter up to 5 different Webicodes and have new members automatically registered for all 5 webinars at the same time.

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