2.021 – PayPal Direct URL

There may be situations where you need to generate a direct payment url for PayPal instead of using the MemberSonic generated PayPal button.

It’s an easy process, but it requires you to create a PayPal hosted button in your paypal account.

Step 1.   Login to PayPal and navigate to Profile – My Selling Tools

Step 2.  Next to PayPal buttons, click on Update.

Step 3.  Click on Create New Button.  Select either “Buy Now” or “Subscription”DO NOT SELECT ADD TO CART.

Step 4.  Enter your product (membership) name.

Step 5.  Enter your unique product ID from MemberSonic for your membership level (it will look something like this:  wso_51797afc9239e).

Step 6:  Check “Take customers to this URL when they cancel their checkout” and enter your page to redirect them to if the payment fails.

Step 7:  Check “Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout” and enter the thank you page on your membership site.

Step 8.  Click on Advanced Variables and enter:


(replace ‘yourdomainname’ with your actual domain name).

Step 7. Save the button.

Step 8.  Select Email and obtain your product URL.

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