Activate An Easy To Use Referral System On Your Membership Site And Your Members Become Your Instant Brand Ambassadors Who Are Happy To Refer You.

If you are dependent on affiliates to promote your products in order to generate new sales then you are likely facing an uphill battle towards a spiralling downhill path to failure.  Consider these points for just a minute...

  • The affiliate network has become a bear market, saturated with product launches - most of which are garbage.
  • Affiliates pick the launches that offer the best commissions and biggest prize money.
  • The most lucrative opportunities exist in an inner circle of affiliates that scratch each others back and is damn hard to tap into.
  • Many affiliates don't really care about the quality or life of the product, which means their subscribers are not getting trusted value.
  • Ultimately your prospects have become skittish and have zero confidence in digital product creators.

What if I were to show you a better way?  A way to generate sales without having to chase after affiliates and receive just broken promises.  A way to be self sufficient and grow your business organically.  A way to leverage the hidden asset that already exists in your business?

There is a well known fact in business that most people don't even consider...


Your Prospects Trust Their Friends More Than They Trust You.
Here's How WP ReferJar Banks That Trust.


Creates a unique referral link for your members

WP ReferJar creates a unique referral link for each of your members.


Customer shares their unique referral link

Your members share their link with their friends or on Social Media.


Friends buy your product/membership

WP ReferJar tracks conversions on your WP site for each new referral.


Customer receives reward for the referral

You receive notifications and then reward your members for confirmed referral sales.

From A Trusted Software Company That Will Do The Right Thing

“You can try WP ReferJar for 30 days. If you decide this not right for you during the first 30 days of purchase, we’ll hand your money back with a smile. We know it won’t come to that, because this is a pretty sweet plugin that will grab the attention of your prospective customers.”

Customer Only Pricing

Save Over 80% Off On WP ReferJar Today!

WP ReferJar (Personal License)

Install on unlimited personal domains

Free lifetime product updates

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Support Included

ADD TO CART - $20Personal License Normally $27

WP ReferJar (Developer License)

Install on client sites as a service

Free lifetime product updates

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Support Included

ADD TO CART - $25Developer License Normally $67

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs WP ReferJar an Affiliate System?

    No.  Affiliate systems allow people to promote your products in exchange for a % commission (usually paid through PayPal).  WP ReferJar allows you to incentivize your existing customers to refer a friend, and in exchange for that friend signing up to your site, you reward them for the referral. This can be with a gift card, discount on a subscription, or some other means… basically however you want  – be creative!

  • q-iconDo you charge any yearly support fees?

    Your first year includes full updates and customer support.  After 365 days, you have the option to purchase a support renewal package for $20 that covers another year of customer support and ongoing plugin updates.  Your existing version will continue to work regardless of any support renewal agreement.

  • q-iconDo you update your plugins?

    YES. We continue to ensure our plugins work with the latest version of WordPress and are compatible with the popular page builder themes and plugins.  Customers receive free updates for the first 365 days after initial purchase.

  • q-iconHow do I access WP ReferJar?

    All of our plugins and training programs can be accessed through our consolidated members area at