Easily Check Real Google Page Rankings For Your Primary Keywords And Compare Them To Your Competitors, All On Your WordPress Site!

Here's The Problem...

Everybody loves Google.  But did you know that your search results are skewed?

You see, Google creates a personalized profile for every searcher based on their browsing history, search history, and SERP clicks, and subsequently alters the search results we see based on our interests.

This creates 2 problems for you...

First, what your keywords rank for you in Google isn't exactly what they rank for your prospective customers.

Second, it means that someone who clicked on your competitor's search result in the past will likely see them as a top result in the future, even if your site's rankings improve!


Here's Your Solution.

WP Rank Scout taps into the free Google API and Custom Search Engine to automatically extract your REAL keyword rankings!  Our plugin creates a daily snapshot and compares your primary keyword rankings to your competitors.  Data is also plotted in a chart to see trending changes, allowing you to make changes to your content when necessary.

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