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Attention JVZoo Affiliates That Offer Bonuses To Your List...

Simple Solution For Software Creators To License And Control Their Plugins Or Desktop Software On Autopilot!



Designed For JVZoo Affiliate Marketing

  • Handles Sales and Refunds- Automatically adds people to your membership site on each affiliate sale, and removes them if they refund!
  • Membership site integrations - Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, MemberPress, MemberSonic Pro, ActiveMember360, and S2 Member.
  • Creates WP Subscribers - If not using one of the membership site plugins with direct integration, WP Bonus Machine will automatically create WP Subscribers for each affiliate transaction.
  • Tracks Affiliate Transactions - Maintains a log of affiliate buyer transactions directly in WP Bonus Machine for easy reference.
  • 3rd Party Platforms - Optional field to forward IPN sales information to 3rd party systems like Affiliate Trax or other CRM’s.
  • Easy To Use - Within just a few minutes you can have WP Bonus Machine up and running.

Deploying An Affiliate Bonus Campaign Is Done In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:  Configure the affiliate product in WP Bonus Machine

Add the affiliate product and assign it to a membership level in your membership site.


Step 2:  Connect WP Bonus Machine To JVZoo

Add your JVZIPN URL to the product (affiliate details page) in JVZoo.


Step 3:  Convert Affiliate Sales Into Customers!

The Buyers List records all affiliate transactions (purchases and refunds) within WP Bonus Machine.
Each person gets added to your membership site automatically.


Here's Why You Need To Get Vital Keys Today

  • Protect your premium content so it's not shared on black hat sites
  • Know who is buying your affiliate promotions by capturing affiliate sale customer transactions
  • Add affiliate customers to your email list through your membership site
  • Make more affiliate sales buy offering better bonuses
  • Save time and money by automating the entire bonus delivery process!

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