Scared Stiff To Use PayPal?

Learn The Exact Strategies The Guru’s Use To Ensure Their PayPal Account Remains Active And Ready To Accept Sales At All Times

Dear PayPal User,

I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of many internet marketers having their PayPal accounts “Limited” and even “Suspended”.

Some entrepreneurs lost access to tens of thousands of hard earned dollars – locked up by PayPal for months on end.

If you are anything like me, then I’m sure it sends shivers down your spine just to think that in a moment’s notice all of your existing cash sitting in PayPal could become inaccessible at any time.

And yet many marketers, including the Internet Marketing “Guru’s” continue to use PayPal with great success.

So the question is...

How The Heck Do They Sell So Much Stuff Using PayPal Without Breaking A Sweat And Raising Any Red Flags With PayPal?

Of course with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture from IKEA and tried to assemble it?

You’d be lost without the instructions.

Same thing goes with using PayPal.

It’s PayPal’s rink and it’s their rules.

But the problem is that it’s not always clear as to what you need to do to play by their rule book.

Ice hockey player looking disappointed

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be”.

Wayne Gretzky - The Great One

I want you to be a great entrepreneur using PayPal.

And that’s exactly why I’ve compiled this concise video course that reveals the tips, tricks and strategies used by many of the top internet marketers that continue to funnel their profits through PayPal on a daily basis.


Here's What You Will Learn In This Training Program...

Module 1- Their Rink, Their Rules

This 4 minute 25 second video is your fast track introduction to properly establishing yourself on PayPal and covers such topics as:

  • Why PayPal Is Still King

    Why PayPal is still the easiest way to start an online business and why the Internet Marketing “Guru’s” continue to use it today.

  • Which Account Is Best For You?

    The 3 types of PayPal accounts and which one is right for your online business.

  • Understanding PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy

    Why you must read PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy and the one clause that you need to know before you get started online!

  • Why Being A Verified Seller Is Important

    Are you a legitimate business or a hobbyist peddling knick knacks on Ebay?  Becoming a verified seller is an often overlooked step in ensuring your success with PayPal.

  • Why Accessibility is Key!

    Why not having the proper contact information readily available and accessible can cripple your success online.

Module 2 Playing To Win Strategies

This 16 minute 59 second video tutorial covers the core elements that help you proactively protect and manage your PayPal account.  It explains such topics as:

  • Why Consistency Is The Sales Process Is Vital

    Why having the proper disclosure information and branding throughout the entire sales funnel will reduce the risk of PayPal disputes.

  • Where's Waldo?

    How to ensure you are accessible at all times for your customer.

  • Launch Planning

    The best thing you can do if you are having a big product launch.

  • Choosing An Affiliate Platform

    Not all platforms are equal.  Understanding what to look for in a GOOD affiliate platform can save you grief down the road.

  • Business Metrics

    Learn one of the biggest weaknesses of PayPal and what you can do about it!

  • How To Deal With Disputes

    The proper way to handle a customer dispute so that your business continues to run as usual.

  • Dealing With Limitations & Suspensions

    What to do if disaster strikes and you receive the dreaded “Your Account Has Been Limited” email.

Module 3 - Recurring Revenue Champions

This 3 minute 50 second video reveals practical tips to managing subscription payments and customer issues.

  • How Membership Site Scripts Affect The Customer Experience

    All membership site scripts are not built equal.  Learn why having clear instructions is important.

  • What To Do When A Payment Is Skipped

    Skipped payments occur more often than you think.  Learn what to do in the event that a payment is skipped and how to avoid having it automatically cancelled by PayPal.

  • How To Simplify The Cancellation Process

    Learn why showing your customers how to cancel subscriptions will actually save you money.

Supplimental Training Components

These two videos totaling  12 minutes 44 seconds take you behind the scenes of a PayPal account and reveal the 'How To' aspect of the main training.

  • PayPal Back Office Management

    A concise walk through of important settings and controls within your PayPal account that affect the purchase experience for your customers.

  • A 'Your Account Has Been Limited' Case Study

    A documented case study of an account that was shut down due to ‘suspicious activity’, and the steps taken toput the account back in good standing.

BONUS!  Purchase This Course And Receive These Videos For Your Website!

VIDEO #1:  Use this professionally developed video on your thank you page to help new orientate new customers!

VIDEO #2:  Use this professionally developed video in your members area to show members how to cancel their own subscription.

After watching this training you will be able to implement these exact strategies with your PayPal account and your websites to dramatically improve the integrity of your business and reduce the risk of having your PayPal account limited or even suspended.

Now first off let me say that I am not a lawyer, and I don’t know what product you are selling.

So I can’t guarantee that your account won’t ever be limited or suspended.

Your Actions Determine Your Own Results

But I will say if you follow these strategies, you will be following in the footsteps of those marketers that continue to use PayPal successfully on a daily basis.

... and they use these exact methods.

Here’s my guarantee to you...

If you are not entirely happy with the strategies that you will learn and implement into your own business to better monitor and manage your PayPal account, then simply contact our support desk and we will promptly give you a 100% refund.

It’s that simple.

This is a no risk – high reward offer.

If you use PayPal then it’s the artery into your business. Lose it and your in serious financial trouble.

Now the price is a no brainer, but it is rising with ever sale.

Yes Andrew!  I understand I will receive access to your secure members area where I can view and download the following:

  • 3 video tutorials revealing techniques to managing your PayPal account
  • 2 supplemental videos covering specific aspects of the PayPal back office and an actual case study of a “Limited” PayPal account
  • All lessons delivered in downloadable MP4, MP3 and PDF slide format.
  • Bonus Thank You Video for your website
  • Rock Star customer support

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To your success,Andrew-Hunter

Andrew Hunter

PS. Our course will continue to be updated as changes happen. So you don’t have to worry about it becoming outdated... will benefit from this course for years to come.

PPS. Wayne Gretzky was also quoted as saying “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Maybe it’s time for you to become a legitimate player with PayPal.

PPS.  There is an optional upgrade to purchase Private Label Rights to this program immediately after your purchase!