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Learn The Vital Skills To Master Creating Products And Building A Successful Online Business

Module 1: Introduction to the BGS Model

  • Introduction to the Business Growth Sprocket Model of PLAN, PERFORM, PROBE, and PERFECT, and how to apply it to any part of your business to solve any problem.
  • How to craft your own personal business strategy and develop a realistic plan to generate the revenue you need to live out your calling in life.
  • The reality of the dreaded "B" work and why you need to start using it.

Module 2: Project Management & Automated Systems

  • Learn Project Management 101 for Online Entrepreneurs.
  • Learn how to generate and maintain massive momentum to complete project tasks and daily business activities.
  • How to properly manage and communicate with an freelancer, and build a long term relationship of trust.
  • Learn the essential systems required for a healthy business to thrive and grow with your market.

Module 3:  Knowing Your Numbers

  • How to visually manage your business with simple tools that work for any online market.
  • The core metrics you need to track in irder to make effective decisions and direct the outcome.

Module 4:  Problem Solving & Continuous Improvement

  • How to identify and overcome constraints (bottlenecks) holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • How to implement a cycle of continuous improvement in your business.
  • How to use process mapping to map out procedures and introduce new systems that run on autopilot.