Industry Insider Reveals Hidden Secrets To Build Your Own Email Autoresponder Server Using WordPress!

...With Incredible Deliverability Rates!

If you're curious about building your own server or currently pay Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp or some other company an outrageous monthly fee for their service... you need to read this! You're about to learn the secrets of building your own autoresponder with little effort and incredible deliverability rates...with free software!

In fact, I'm going to lay out the blueprint right here...right now. Here's how you do it...

First, you register a domain name and sign up for hosting. Then you install WordPress and upload a free plugin that allows you to send out broadcast emails or schedule autoresponders. Finally, you setup a cron job to frequently monitor your email newsletter plugin for jobs to send out.

Next, you keep a close eye on your bounces and unsubscribes and remove anyone that complains so your server remains whitelisted with all the providers.

The Technical Part Is Easy... But It's The Missing "Insider Secrets" That Get Your Emails Delivered!

You see, installing WordPress and the plugin are pretty easy to pull off. But it's the "secret sauce" that gets your emails delivered. And this secret sauce is rarely revealed in public...and never in the right order. Contrary to popular opinion, there's a lot more to the art of emailing than simply installing a WordPress plugin and clicking "send".

Luckily... we twisted an industry insider's arm in order to reveal the secrets behind setting up a FREE autoresponder email server and getting emails delivered into the Inbox.

Introducing The "Industry Insider" Video Series On Building Your Own Free Autoresponder Server

With this extensive video series, you're going to hit three birds with one stone.

Not only does it walk you through the technical setup of setting up your own, free autoresponder email server... you'll get it all done with free software that's readily available online. Plus, we will finally reveal the missing steps to whitelisting your server and getting emails delivered into inboxes around the world.

All you have to do is install the free WordPress plugin, follow the HD video instructions to optimize your email server and enjoy the freedom of owning your own email service- it's as simple as that!

You Don’t Even Have To Say “Yes” To Get Started Right Away, Just Say “Maybe” And I’ll Send Your First Report Instantly!

  • Domain Names Can Make You....Or Break You

    We”ll tell you what to avoid in your domain names and how to easily “mix ‘n match” from our favorite words to pick a new, memorable one.

  • Shared Hosting Hacks

    Don’t have money for a powerful VPS or Dedicate server? Listen in as we share insider tips into getting the most “bang for your buck” with Shared Hosting providers.

  • The 3 Types of Email Addresses You Need To Be Taken Seriously

    If you have these 3 email addresses, you’re as good as gold.

  • Email Authentication 'Secret Sauce'

    These are the golden nuggets that will get your email delivered into inboxes around the world. Follow these detailed steps to setup the same Enterprise-Level email authentication that the big boys use.

  • Quick 'n Easy 'Over The Shoulder' Installation

    Watch as we install WordPress and the plugin in 7 minutes using only a web browser. It doesn’t get easier than this!

  • Signup Forms, Unlimted Lists and Email Setup

    It’s all covered! We’ll teach you how to use the email plugin, setup unlimited lists and add subscription forms on your WordPress website.

  • Easy to follow tutorial guides

    Professionally prepared and concisely done video tutorials that are easy to understand.

So Who Is This Video Training For?

If you are still paying the big boys hundreds of dollars per year (or month) because you think you can't run your own need this training! All the secrets behind running a mail server are included.

If you're just starting out and $19/95/mth for life seems a little need this training..

How Much Is This Amazing Training Going To Cost Me?

Let's examine some numbers and you'll agree that the investment required today is peanuts compared to the value you're getting over the lifetime of this training.

Using a 3rd party email provider like Aweber, GetResponse of Mailchimp would easily cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. And that's just the monetary investment.

You also have to hope they never shut down your account and delete your list because of a few complaints. Most marketers are shocked when they suddenly find out their list was shut down and blocked...without any form of backup.

Don't You Want To Own Your Business Assets?

That's why you'll agree it is much safer and simpler to manage your own email autoresponder... and enjoy the lifetime savings and peace of mind, right?

And since it only requires a small investment on your part - much smaller than hundreds of dollars! - you're going to love what I'm about to reveal.

For A LIMITED Time Only...

For a very short period of time... you're NOT going to have to invest $97 which is the "street price" of training like this.

It's not even going to be half of it.

If you take action right now before this special deal expires... your investment is going to be just $17
But it gets even better...

You're NOT Risking A Single Penny!

Here's how this works. After you download this plugin, put it to the test. And if, at any point during 30 days after your purchase, you feel you're not getting 10 times your money's worth... I want you to hit me up for a quick, no hassle refund.

Simply put... I'm not happy if you're not happy. So if you don't find our Email Autoresponder Training INSANELY useful and it isn't directly contributing to your bottom line... I insist for you to demand your money back and I'll gladly repay you every penny of your investment.

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Get The WP Email Autoresponder Training Now!

Yes! I’d like to immediately download the Email Autoresponder Training and supercharge my video promotions with no extra work!

YES! I understand that I’m completely covered by an ironclad 30 day money back guarantee!

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Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter

P.S. If you're running any type of online business... you need an email list. Why give away hundreds of dollars per year to 3rd party companies when you can keep the money and reinvest it in growth....instead of expenses?

This training makes easy to understand. Plus, right now you can get access to it at a bargain, without risking a single penny. Act now!