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Personal Use Package

WP Fanatic 51

Personal Use licenses allow you to install these plugins on an unlimited number of sites you PERSONALLY OWN.  You cannot install on client sites.

Developer Package

WP Fanatic 51 (Developers)

Receive the WordPress plugins with Developer Rights (install as part of a paid service on client sites).  MemberSonic Pro is a 10 site license package (all others are unlimited client sites).

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Impressive offer.  I'm not a 'shiny objects' guy but   The trainings and the plugins look great!
    Jamie Coyne Jamie Coyne
  • I should like to thank Andrew Hunter for this offer. It typifies his business ethos - which I consider to be an exemplar. Irrespective of product or niche, others could do well to emulate it.
    Chris Davis Chris Davis
  • I had purchased the half century sale last year and have loved it. The plugins and training material I have gone through has been top notch. I learned about it through an email from Andy Brocklehurst. Have been on his mailing list for years. One of the products in the sale I had looked at a year or two prior (i.e. ActivateWP). Knowing already the regular price of ActivateWP, I knew this was a steal. This new plugin, MSJVZoo can do wonders for affiliate marketing. Even at $20 it's well worth it considering how much time it can save an affiliate marketer as well as streamline the whole process.
    Nick Hillebran Nick Hillebran
  • I've been active in the IM world for several years... I've spent thousands and succumbed to Shiny Object Syndrome in a big way.  I say that not as an excuse... but as a self criticism.   Your products are tools to make things work... not another "get rich quick scheme".  I hope to be able to use your tools to break the shiny object syndrome cycle I've found myself in... and make it work.
    William Nitschke William Nitschke
  • All Andrew'as products are Robust 2. Updated and improved constantly (and I have had some for years now). 3. They just do the job you bought them for 4. They are clean and so easy to use - anyone (even total non techies like me can use them). 5 Service and support is incredible and that is no exaggeration. 6. (This is so important) "Trust" - Honesty and Integrity dealing with Andrew has never faltered. 7. Using these products is inspiring and even fun, which is such a change from the stresses of most online products. 8. The price is ridiculously cheap for such a great product (and that is the least reason I would purchase this).
    Peter Hons Peter Hons
  • I just want to thank Andrew Hunter for creating the exact missing piece of the puzzle I was looking for in a membership site. I'm talking about including a professional communication portal that allows me to talk to students and clients on a whole different level, including individual communication and group communication. No more wasted time looking for lost emails, no more confusion whether I have replied on Facebook, Skype or by e-mail, with WP Coach Pro I have 100% control in a centralized hub. I'm glad that I can finally focus on what really matters which is, delivering value to my students and clients.
    Sergio Felix Sergio Felix


  • Want to create a full membership site? Use MemberSonic Pro
  • Need a customer support system? Use Sonic Reply
  • Want to create an email coaching program? Use wp Coach Pro
  • Perhaps you are a plugin developer looking for a licensing system? Use ActivateWP
  • Browse the complete suite of plugins below...


12+ Courses & Training Programs Covering Membership Sites, Customer Support, Business Management, Product Creation, Software Creation, and More!

  • Want to learn how to build a membership site? Watch Membership Site Moguls
  • Want to learn how to create content Watch Content Creation Dojo
  • Need help with project management or business fundamentals? We have 4 courses on it!
  • Thinking about creating software? We have 2 courses on this too!
  • Browse the complete listing of training programs below...



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Personal Use Package

WP Fanatic 51

Personal Use licenses allow you to install these plugins on an unlimited number of sites you PERSONALLY OWN.  You cannot install on client sites.

Developer Package

WP Fanatic 51 (Developers)

Receive the WordPress plugins with Developer Rights (install as part of a paid service on client sites).  MemberSonic Pro is limited to 10 site licenses (all others are unlimited client sites).


What More Of Customers Have to Say

  • I purchased your bundle this week; even though I have most of your plugins I thought it was worth it for all the training, so thank you for doing such a great deal. There are lots of people on the internet selling tools and tips as you well know. After a couple of years I've unsubscribed from pretty much all of them, but still look forward to your emails. Keep it up and I look forward to what you've got coming next.
    Noel Guilford Noel Guilford

Don't You Just Hate Those Sales Pages That Don't Tell You Who You Are Buying From?

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 20 years of management experience.  I started Plugin Results in 2011 and I LOVE helping our customers succeed online.

Transparency Statement

  • Established in 2011
  • Product Line:  45
  • Websites:  26
  • Closed Support Tickets:  3,621
  • Employees:  4
  • Location:  Canada
  • Language:  English

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is your return policy?

    If within the first 30 days you are not entirely happy with any purchase, simply contact our support desk for a full refund.  No questions asked.  This sale is something special, and I’m drop dead sure nobody will be needing a refund for this (they would be stupid to do so).

  • q-iconDo you charge yearly support fees?

    No we don’t!  Our products are fully supported and we have never charged a dime for support since releasing our first plugin in 2011.  If you require assistance our support agents are waiting to help you.

  • q-iconDo you update your plugins?

    YES. We continue to add new features to all of our flagship products (MemberSonic Pro has received over 50 updates since it’s release in 2012).  Customers receive free updates to all of our plugins.

  • q-iconHow do I access these products?

    Most of these products are sold on separate websites.  However, we have a master login portal where you can access all the products through one login (makes it super simple for you).

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