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Let's face it, creating an effective email campaign is tedious, time-consuming, expensive, and often disappointing...

Dear Business Builder,

Imagine for a moment that you had a high-powered custom Corvette with a 650-HP engine. You rev it. The motor roars. Heads turn. People give you the thumbs up.

You slam it into gear, release the clutch and press the gas. And then...

Nothing happens. The motor is still roaring like crazy, but you're not going anywhere.

Why? Because the car is sitting on blocks because you don't have any wheels on it. So you can rev that powerful motor all day long, but you're going nowhere!

The reason I'm telling you this is because owning a high-pwered car with no wheels is like owning a mailing list with no emails queued up and ready to go. Simply put, you've got a profit vehicle that's going nowhere fast! Sure, You can boast about the size of your list to anyone who'll listen - but if you're not sending emails and the list isn't profitable, then you need to get to work.

Except there's a problem, right?

Writing emails week after week is a tedious, time-consuming endavor. You know you should do it, but it doesn't get done nearly as often as it should. And you keep telling yourself you're going to creat an autoresponder sequence, but that hasn't happened either. And so you pay autoresponder fess for a mailing list that's largely wasted.

until now...



101 Email Templates Designed To Increase Conversions, Engagement, And Capture The Trust Of Your Customers

Just imagine...

  • No more letting your list grow cold because you’re not writing to them often enough.
  • No more leaving money on the table because you’re sending ineffective emails.
  • No more pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to write!

Because when you use Email Engine, creating an email is as easy as filling in the blanks and uploading it to your autoresponder. It’s SO fast and easy that you could have your first cash-pulling emails uploaded and working for you in just minutes from now!

Simply put, email is your blank check for unlimited profit with effective email campaigns. And this set of email campaigns is your ultimate quick and easy shortcut to successful email marketing, because it covers virtually every email you’d ever want to send!

So check this out…

Here Are Five Reasons Why Email Engine Is The Fastest, Easiest and Best Way to Create Effective Email Campaigns…

Once you see just how fast and easy it is to create high-response emails, you too are going to fall in love with Email Engine! Here’s why…

Reason #1:  Creating your own campaigns is time-consuming but using Email Engine is fast and easy!

All you have to do is copy a template, fill in the blanks, and upload it to your autoresponder. It’s so incredibly simple to create high-converting emails with Email Engine.

Reason #2:  You don’t need any copywriting skills to create highly effective emails!

All you have to do is copy a template, fill in the blanks, and upload it to your autoresponder. It’s so incredibly simple to create high-converting emails with Email Engine.

Reason #3: Email Engine is designed to generate cash for your business!

You can’t make money from your mailing list if you don’t have quality email campaigns cued and active. Now with Email Engine you can start uploading dozens of emails to your autoresponder today – and these emails add income to your business that otherwise.

Reason #4: No more sitting around trying to think up email ideas!

One of the hardest parts of sending regular emails is coming up with good ideas week after week after week. Problem solved! Just use Email Engine, and you’ll have 101 email templates ready to go – if you’re sending out weekly emails, that’s nearly two years’ worth of content at your fingertips! Now you too can get unstuck and start making money!

Reason #5: Anyone can use them to sell a wide variety of offers across any niche!

Online marketers, coaches, small business owners, product creators, bloggers, software developers, affiliate marketers and more can use these emails to sell a wide variety of products and services. These emails work great for selling:

  • Ebooks and reports.
  • Membership sites.
  • Videos.
  • Audio.
  • Webinars.
  • Coaching courses.
  • Consultations.
  • Software and apps.
  • Tools such as templates and checklists.
  • Affiliate offers.
  • Service-provider offers.
  • And more!

Wondering How You Can Use These 101 Email Templates To Grow Your Business? Check Out These Examples…

#1 Send one-off emails.

Whenever you need one quick email, you’ll find it in this package. Generate quick sales with the flash sale template. Motivate your affiliates. Upload an “abandoned cart” email to save more sales. Announce a contest. You can do all these and more with the one-off templates in this package!

#2 Boost conversions with a sequence.

Everyone knows the best way to generate more sales is by sending a sequence. That’s why Email Engine includes several sequences, including a “Fear-Logic-Gain” sequence, a high-conversion sequence and more . Whether you’re launching a new product or renewing interest in an old one, there’s a sequence in this package to fit your needs!

#3 Build relationships with subscribers.

Use these templates to build relationships with new subscribers, re-engage cold subscribers, and nurture your bonds with your existing customers. End result? Higher conversions and more money in your pocket!

#4 Convert browsers into buyers.

These templates include dozens of emails you can use to get your prospects taking out their wallets. For example, just use the direct-pitch set of 10 emails to start selling more ebooks, apps or other products!

#5 Turn customers into repeat buyers.

These templates include dozens of emails you can use to get your prospects taking out their wallets. For example, just use the direct-pitch set of 10 emails to start selling more ebooks, apps or other products!

Sounds pretty exciting, right?  So now you’re wondering…

What All Is Included In This Package of 101 Fill-In-The-Blank Templates?

Order Email Engine now, and you’ll get 13 sets of emails with a total of 101 fill-in-the-blank templates!

Check out the details…

Set 1 The Gain-Logic-Fear Sequence

Not everyone responds to every emotional trigger in the same way. That’s why you should develop an email sequence that taps into different triggers, so that you can reach a wider audience. And inside this package you’ll get a proven gain-logic-fear sequence that’s sure to boost your conversion rates! This set includes:

  • Three emails that tap into your prospect’s sense of logic, fear and their desires!
  • A 4th email that uses the social proof buying trigger to generate sales!
  • A 5th email that generates sales using the scarcity trigger!

Set 2 The Indoctrination Sequence

When your subscribers and prospects first join your mailing list, they’re going to be a little clueless (but hopefully curious) about who you are and what you can do for them. The indoctrination sequence answers their unspoken questions and starts building trust. Here’s a sneak peek at what you get:

  • A welcome email that gets subscribers excited and satisfied right away, so they keep reading every email you send!
  • A personal-story email that bonds subscribers to you like super glue, and makes it more likely they’ll buy whatever it is you’re selling!
  • A “question and answer” email that establishes you as the expert and really gets your prospects attention!
  • Plus two more emails to engage subscribers, build top of mind awareness and start generating sales!

Set 3 The Engagement Sequence

This sequence is all about giving your prospects some really good information, such as a set of tips, secrets or steps for completing some process. Each email will also promote a specific product that’s related to the content. Here’s what you get:

  • The “mistakes” email that worries your prospects and gets them paying close attention to every word you put in front of them!
  • An “actionable tip” email that’s designed to generate a flurry of sales – you might be surprised at how well it works!
  • The promo template that boosts conversions through the use of a special offer!
  • In essence, your emails will be “useful yet incomplete,” so that prospects will take a look at your paid offers to solve their problems. It works like crazy!

Set 4 The Ascension Email Sequence

Once you’ve turned a prospect into a cash-paying customer, your next job is to turn them into a repeat buyer. That’s what an ascension email sequence does, as it leads your new customer to more offers and higher-priced offers. Here’s what you get:

  • A simple “thank you” template that immediately generates repeat sales!
  • A coupon-offer template so powerful and irresistible that your customers can’t help but take out their credit card again!
  • A template that uses customer testimonials to stir up more sales!
  • Plus two more emails to create those uber-profitable repeat buyers!

Set 5 The Segmentation Sequence

Want a simple way to start getting a higher response rate from your list? Segment your list by demographics, interest and behavior (such as which products they download or buy), and then write highly targeted emails to these different list segments.

Inside this package you’ll get five emails, which show you five different ways to start segmenting your list. These emails include:

  • The survey email that gives you a peek inside your prospects’ minds.
  • The freemium email that segments your list by who takes advantage of an offer.
  • The coaching email that lets you segment according to interest.
  • Plus two others – you’re sure to get some great segmenting ideas!

Set 6 The Re-engagement Sequence

Sometimes your list goes cold, such as if life happens and you weren’t able to email for several weeks. In other cases, you may just have one segment of your list grow unresponsive, perhaps due to you not sending them anything to really engage them. This re-engagement sequence can help you warm up your list and get them clicking on your links again. Here’s what you get:

  • The “come back for another look” template that turns even the coldest list into a bunch of click-happy subscribers!
  • A sneaky email that pushes your subscribers’ deepest emotional triggers to smoothly re-engage them!
  • A special deal email that not only wakes your list up, it gets them taking out their wallets!

Set 7 The Affiliate Sequence

If you want to have a high-performing affiliate program with affiliates who’re constantly promoting your goods, then you need to stay in touch with your marketing partners. And inside this package you’ll get a surefire affiliate sequence you can use to:

  • Welcome new affiliates and get them excited about your program!
  • Announce events such as contests or sales to get motivates promoting like crazy!
  • Motivate passive affiliates with case studies and new marketing materials!

This is a great way to turn your affiliate program into your most powerful and profitable marketing strategy!

Set 8 The Conversion Sequence

Blasting your prospects with a steady diet of promotional emails probably won’t produce the results you want. If you want to start converting more prospects to buyers, you need to use a conversion sequence like this one:

  • Presentation, which is where you present your prospects with some good information about how to solve a problem – this is a great way to build trust!
  • Problem, where you get prospects to self-identify and realize their problem is serious. Now you have your prospects’ attention!
  • Persuasion, where you generate big-time sales by showing prospects how you can solve their problems!
  • Proof, where you boost conversions by showing your product really works!
  • Promo, where you make one last-ditch effort to get a sale by offering prospects a deal they can’t refuse!

And that’s the exact surefire sequence of email templates you’ll get inside this package!

Set 9 A 90-Day Awareness Sequence

The idea behind this sequence is to send out a new email every nine days, each of which promotes a different product or service. This is an awareness sequence, as it introduces your prospect to ten of your top products or services. The templates include:

  • An email that drums up sales by introducing a “sneak peek” at one of your most popular products!
  • An email template that boosts conversions by offering free trials on software, membership sites and similar offers!
  • A “gear list” template that generates sales again and again over time as your readers reference it repeatedly!

Plus seven other emails that are sure to get people clicking your order buttons!

Set 10 Direct-Pitch Emails

Sometimes the best way to generate a sale is by directly pitching an offer. You might simply extol the benefits of a product, or you might give prospects a special deal. And now you too can use these templates as great starting points for creating your own direct-response emails. Here’s what you get:

  • The “social proof” template that knocks people off the fence and gets them scrambling towards your order button!
  • The “big announcement” template that creates a surge of eager buyers!
  • The “new trend” email that taps deep-seated emotional buttons to get your prospects taking out t heir credit cards!

Plus seven other emails to generate instant sales!

Set 11 “Useful Yet Incomplete” Emails

Some of my favorite types of emails are those that are part content and part pitch. This makes them “useful yet incomplete” – the content helps solve part of a problem, while the product you’re promoting solves the rest of their problem. End result? You build a good relationship with your prospects, solve their problems, and generate some sales for yourself!

Here’s what you get inside this set of ten emails:

  • The “slap” email, which virtually scares your prospect into buying your product!
  • The curiosity-arousing “mistake” email that get your prospect kicking himself… and clicking your order button!
  • The “swipe this” email that builds strong relationships with prospects and soon turns them into loyal buyers!

Set 12 Five Special-Offer Emails

Sometimes you want to extend a very special offer to your prospects and customers to drum up sales. These special offers might be “no brainers” to turn prospects into customers, or they might be special offers to turn customers into repeat buyers. Either way, you’re sure to find a template in this set to suit your needs. These templates include:

  • The “payment plan” template that handles a big objection and clears the way for more sales!
  • The “matching credit” template that gives your prospects a great deal – and generates tons of sales for you!
  • The “sweet deal” template that extends an offer your prospects can’t refuse!

Plus two other emails to jump-start your sales!

Bonus A Set Of 26 One-Off Emails

Sometimes you just need one quick email to send out to your prospects, customers, affiliates or other lists. That’s what you’ll find inside this collection. There’s something for everyone in this set, including:

  • An “abandoned cart” email to save more sales!
  • The “affiliate motivation” email that can generate dozens, hundreds or even more sales for you!
  • The “flash sale” template that gets prospects scrambling to your order button!
  • The “personal story” template that builds trust and generates sales over the long term!
  • The “stealth promo” template that doesn’t look like a promo, yet it will get your prospects clicking over to your order page!
  • The “questions” email that stops readers in their tracks and gets them thinking about buying your products ASAP!

Plus 20 other emails you can use to grow your relationships with your subscribers, generate sales and grow your business!

End result…

These 101 Email Templates Give You a “Fill In The Blank” Easy Way to Generate More Sales and Grow Your Business!

I know at this point you’re really liking what you see. You know this package is exactly what you need to start moving your business forward. You know it’s your ticket to profit.

But you have a question…

How Much Is It?

I think you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. But first, consider this…

Think about how long it would take you to create 101 emails completely from scratch. You’d need to think up the ideas, figure out your angles, and then write every single word. If you spent just 20 minutes creating each of these emails from scratch, you’d spend over 33 hours working on them! Who has time for that?

And if you outsourced it? Whew… then you’d be looking at paying thousands of dollars. Maybe that’s just not in your budget right now.

So here’s an affordable compromise – get a jumpstart on every email you create by using these fill-in-the-blank templates. And you’ll get this complete set of 101 templates for less than a buck a template – just $97 total.

That’s a steal, because you can use every template over and over again to create hundreds of emails across all sorts of niches. And all you need to do is generate a few sales with these templates in order to recoup your investment.

End result…

These email templates pay for themselves!

Think about it…

All those emails you haven’t written yet aren’t making any money. You’re not likely to get around to writing them. And so your list is going to remain unprofitable.

But order now, and you’ll have 101 emails that you can start uploading in just minutes from now – there’s no faster, easier or better way to start generating profits with your mailing list!

This is a great deal, so grab it while you can by clicking the order button below to get 101 templates for $27 – that’s just 27 cents a template, so order now…

Yup! That's right, ONLY $27!

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NOTE: These templates are for your personal use only. You can edit them as you please and send them to your list, but you don’t have the rights to resell or giveaway this package or any individual templates.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this package and its potential. Please remember that everyone’s success depends on their background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn money.

So let’s complete your profit vehicle with Email Engine – order these templates today!

Best Regards,



P.S. If you’re not sending regular emails to your list, then you’re leaving a whole lot of money on the table. Now you can turn a tedious task into a quick, easy and very profitable one with these 101 email templates. Just fill in the blanks, upload the emails to your autoresponder, and start profiting! You could be doing this in just minutes, so order now to get started!

P.P.S.  Email Engine is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.  If within the first 30 days of your purchase you are not entirely happy with Email Engine, simply contact our support desk and we will issue you a full refund - no questions asked.