Everyone Loves A Deal.

Using Coupon Codes Is A Smart, Simple Way To Get New Customers To Spend Money With You And Existing Customers To Spend More Money!

Learn How To Create Great Deals For Your Customers And Your Business…


How this works is very straightforward:

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear “coupon” or “coupon code“?

Maybe it’s something like, “I can save 25% off my next purchase at my favorite department store.”  Perhaps it’s, “I get a free appetizer with the purchase of any entree.”  Or it could be, “If I buy a ticket to this event, I can get a free ticket for my friend.”

At any rate, what you likely thought is this: I can GET a deal by using coupons.

I want to change that default way of thinking right here, right now.  I want the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of coupon codes to be this…

I can GIVE a deal by using coupons!

Instead of getting a deal for yourself, start giving deals to your customers.  Coupon code campaigns should be a standard part of your overall marketing strategy.  They are great for generating traffic, building lists, and getting orders.

We all love getting a good deal.  You do.  I do.  Your customers (new and existing) do.  We make buying choices all the time based on how we measure the depth and value of a deal.

When used rightly, everybody wins.  In fact, that’s how Dictionary.com defines a DEAL:  “An arrangement for mutual advantage.”  The advantage to your customer is SAVINGS.  The advantage to you is REVENUE.

Using coupon codes is a smart, simple way to grow your business. People love coupons.  That’s why you are going to love using them to increase your business revenue.

But there’s a right way to use coupon codes (that helps your business)
and a wrong way to use them (that hurts your business).

That’s why you need to know this stuff...



Create Deals For Your Customers That Lead To Great Revenue For Your Business

The Coupon Engine is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for creating coupon code campaigns that get new customers to buy from you for the first-time and existing customers to buy from you for a long-time.

When you download the Coupon Engine below, you will…

  • Learn exactly what the six steps of the “C.O.U.P.O.N.” code marketing strategy is for creating deals that help your business instead of hurt your business. (Yes, many people use coupons in a way that “cheapens” their businesses!)
  • Get dozens of examples of the critical parts of coupon code marketing so you can understand how to put them to work in your own business to see real results.
  • Complete actual “assignments” to immediately make progress as you create and deploy each type of coupon.  Hint:  Different coupons accomplish different objectives (generate traffic, build lists, get immediate orders) and work together to create an overall order-producing system.

As you work your way through the Coupon Engine curriculum, you will learn the different ways to use coupons to grow your business, the types of coupons people love to redeem,  where to place coupon codes for maximum clickshow to get other people to promote your coupon codes for you and much more!

People Will Buy From You Because Of This…

We all love a good deal.  You do.  I do.  Everybody does.  Like I said, people love coupons.  That’s why you are going to love using them to increase your business revenue.  Here’s why…

Reason #1: Coupon Codes Attract New Customers Who Ordinarily Might Not Buy From You

We’ve all tried out new restaurants, new experiences, new shops and other “first-time” purchases simply because we received a coupon.  Maybe we are ordinarily Brand A fanatics, but Brand B gave us a deal that was too good to pass up, so we gave them a shot.  Or perhaps we typically steer clear of a certain type of restaurant because we think we won’t like the taste, but a special offer tempted us to try it out to see if we’ve been missing out.  It could be that we were on vacation and as we surveyed the local attractions we chose one mini-golf stop over another because of a better deal.

People often become first-time customers because of “deals”.  
And they remain long-time customers because of “satisfaction.”

The point is valid and clear:  coupons can get people to buy from you for the first time.  Then it’s your job to make them happy as your customer and keep them for a long time.

Reason #2: Coupon Codes Turn Existing Customers Into Regular, Repeat Buyers

If Customer A purchases something from you for $20 and then never buys your second offer for another $20, how much revenue came in from that customer?  $20, right?  If Customer A purchases something from you for $20 and then buys your second $20 offer for 50% off through a coupon code, how much revenue is generated?  $30, right?  ($20 + [$20 X .50] = $30)

Which is better:  $20 or $30?

That.  Is.  A.  No.  Brainer.  When you sell digital goods (where there are no duplication costs) then every extra dollar you earn is an extra dollar that you didn’t have before that you can now spend in any way you please.  Simple.  Smart.

The customer SAVES $10 and you EARN $10.  Win-Win.  Everybody goes home happy.

Rewarding existing customers with discounts and incentives creates happy, loyal customers.  You aren’t the only one selling information in your niche.  What very well could keep your customers buying from you instead of your competitor is how effectively you create deals for them via coupon codes.

Here's Exactly What's Included In The Coupon Engine...

There are lots of ways that coupon codes can benefit you and your business I’ve been using them a long time in my own business.  I know what works well and what doesn’t work at all and what actually works against you.  Rather than trying to figure out all of that yourself (it’s frustrating, time-consuming and costly), read these ten lessons from The Coupon Engine and get started the right way, right away!

Lesson 1:  Six Steps To C.O.U.P.O.N. Code Success

Planning out a successful coupon code campaign that works for the “mutual advantage” of you and your customer begins with understanding what that kind of strategy looks like.

The good news is you’re about to discover the secrets for creating coupon-code campaigns that really work for the good of you and your customer.  You’ll start by getting an overview and a crash course of the C.O.U.P.O.N. code marketing system…

Here are the six steps of this system:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Goal
  • Step 2: Offer Something Appealing
  • Step 3: Understand the Parts of a Successful Coupon
  • Step 4: Post Your Coupon
  • Step 5: Obtain Marketing Partners
  • Step 6: Notify Customers

This is a great lesson to kickstart the process of creating profitable campaigns.  Then, in the following lessons, we’ll unpack each of these steps in greater detail…

Lesson 1: 5 Proven Ways to “Help, Not Hurt” Your Business With Coupons

Inside this eye-opening lesson you’re going to learn how to use coupons to achieve five profitable G.O.A.L.S., including:

  • Grow Your Mailing List
  • Overcome Slow Periods
  • Attract New Customers
  • Lift Backend Sales
  • Salvage a Sale

It’s essential that you plan your next coupon code campaign AFTER you have decided which of these goals is right for your business right now – this lesson will help you make the right choice.

Lesson 3: 10 Types Of Coupon Codes That People Love To Redeem (+When To Use Them)

Once you select a goal, then your next step is to choose exactly what sort of coupon code you’re going to offer so it “fits” with what you want to accomplish through the campaign. That’s why in this lesson you’re about to discover the 10 popular types of coupons that people happily say “yes” to – and when you should use each of them.

Some of these types may even surprise you, so I’m excited to share them with you … and you’ll be excited to share them with your customers … who will be excited to redeem them.

Lesson 4: 5 Parts Of A Profitable Coupon Code Campaign (With Examples)

Here’s where the rubber meets the road… or better yet, this is where the customers meet the order button. In order to create a successful coupon campaign, you need to be sure your coupon includes the five essential Cs.  These are elements that all the most successful coupons have in common that work together to present your offer so your customers realize the full value of your “deal”.

What are the 5 Cs?  That’s what you’ll find out inside this lesson. Plus you’ll discover how to create very effective coupons that possess all 5 Cs.

Lesson 5: Where To Place Coupon Codes For Maximum Clicks

You’ve got a great coupon campaign ready to roll. Now in order to make this campaign successful, you need to get it in front of as many targeted eyeballs as possible.

How do you do that?  You can start by planning a strategy that includes the 10 places to post a coupon code revealed in this lesson. Once you know these 10 surefire ways to get your coupon out to your audience, you’re sure to have a great promotion that sends your code on its way to achieve your sales and income goals … while truly working to the “mutual advantage” of you and your customer.

Lesson 6: How To Get Others To Promote Your Coupon Codes For You

Here’s a great way to exponentially increase your coupon’s reach: get your marketing partners to distribute your coupon codes too.  Your traffic partners will love it every time you give them a coupon code to promote, because it boosts sales and profits for both of you … while extending the “good deal” to THEIR customers too. Win-Win-Win!

And that’s why inside this lesson you’re going to discover two profitable ways to promote your coupon codes with your partners. These strategies include:

1. The Coupon Code Launch

2. The Coupon Code Tour

There is nothing you can do with your campaign that has greater potential to gain exposure for your coupon code at zero cost to you than what is shared in this lesson.

Lesson 7: The #1 Way To Skyrocket Your Profit With Coupon Codes

In this lesson you will learn the REAL secret to creating effective coupon code campaigns.  This can literally double, triple, quadruple (and even beyond) your income from your codes.  It’s that important and is a true “must-do” (it cannot be skipped).

Many business owners miss out on this all-important step and they end up with a bunch of “customers” who actually are more loyal to their competitors.  Ouch!   This lesson will help you avoid the bad practice which results in coupons that don’t really help your business that much.

Lesson 8: 5 Reasons Why People Won’t Use Your Coupon Codes

Imagine this: You spend time planning your coupon code promotion. You pick out what you think is the right offer and the right platforms on which to promote it. And then…Nothing.

You’re sitting back expecting a big rush of sales, and instead absolutely nothing happens. Maybe you get a few sales – a tiny trickle – but nothing like the flood of sales you’d been dreaming about. It’s disappointing, to say the least.  And, it’s a very real reality.  Trust me, I know the hard way.  I’ve made mistakes that cost me.  But they don’t have to cost you.

The good news is that you can avoid the mistakes that I made.  In this lesson I’ll share the top five costly coupon-marketing mistakes and help you avoid them altogether.

Lesson 9: How To Use Coupon Codes Without Hurting Your Brand

Coupons are wonderful tools to work out “arrangements for mutual advantage” and offer deals that are great for your customer and great for your business.  But there is a potential BIG PROBLEM with using them.

If your business becomes associated with discounts, then you’re going to hurt your brand, your products, and your conversions. That’s why you want to be smart about the way you use coupon codes. Do it right, and your campaign will create a flurry of sales while protecting the integrity and value of your brand.

And that’s what this lesson will teach you how to do, as you discover the seven insights for protecting your brand while running amazingly profitable coupon promotions that benefit everyone involved.

Lesson 10: Five Advanced Hacks For Making The Most Of Your Coupon Code Strategy

Finishing touches.  That’s what often takes things from “good” to “great”, right?  The extra care and details that goes into any endeavor usually takes it to the next level.

That’s the aim of this final lesson in the course … helping you optimize your coupon-code campaign so it helps the most people get a good deal and helps you earn the most money possible for your business.

A good coupon campaign can really increase your revenue and help you grow your customer base, while giving a great “deal” to others.  That’s why you’ll want to check out the five hacks revealed in this lesson for optimizing a coupon-code campaign.

Order Today And Get These Four Bonuses To Convert Your Coupon Strategy Into Sales

Bonus 1: 50 Coupon Code Templates You Can Use For Your Next Promotion

Inside this resource you’re going to get five “fill-in-the-blank, copy and paste” templates for each of those 10 types of coupons – that’s 50 templates in all. These templates give you the exact wording to use when presenting your coupon. You’ll get coupon templates for these (and more):

    • Percentage off.
    • Amount off.
    • Buy one, get one free.

You’re sure to find the exact template you need to match your next coupon code campaign.

Bonus 2: The Top 10 Questions About Coupon-Code Marketing Answered

This group-coaching question and answer session should further shortcut your success, as you’ll learn insider answers (from someone who’s “been there, done that“) to questions such as:

    • What should I offer to save a sale on an abandoned cart?
    • How can I increase shares of my coupon codes?
    • What are two-way referral promos?
    • How do you use coupon codes to change consumer behavior?

… Plus six other questions and answers that will help you create coupon campaigns faster, easier and more profitably so both you and your customers are happy, happy, happy.

Bonus 3: The Coupon Engine Worksheet

This is where you take massive action.  For real.  This worksheet walks you through the steps of setting up your C.O.U.P.O.N. code campaign with fill-in-the-blank questions, tips and more to get you up and running fast. You’re going to want to print this resource off and keep it handy so you can work through it step-by-step as you plan and implement your next coupon code campaign.

Bonus 4: 5-Part Follow-Up Email Mini-Course Templates

You’ve got a list of customers who just purchased your offer with a coupon code…Now what?

A lot of business owners make the mistake of not putting thought into what to do next. Sometimes these owners just send any ol’ email with the latest and greatest offer.  Worse yet, sometimes these owners don’t even follow up at all (which is a huge mistake).

If you want to make the most of your coupon campaign, then you need to follow up with all the customers who use the coupon. This means you get them consuming more content and getting exposed to more offers…both of which help them and help you.  Again, “mutual advantage“.

That’s what the following five-part follow-up series will help you accomplish. Swipe it, tweak it to meet your needs, and use it to build relationships with your new customers, help them accomplish more of their goals, and generate more backend offers for yourself.

As you can see, The Coupon Engine gives you everything you need to get your own coupon strategy setup so you can start enjoying profitable campaigns!

(55-page curriculum and 35 pages of bonuses … everything you need to know without overheating your brain!)

You can certainly see the value in creating great deals for your customers and how those great deals can turn into great revenue (both initial and ongoing!) for your business. Like I said earlier, when coupon codes are used rightly, everybody wins.  The deal you offer through your coupon code is “an arrangement for mutual advantage.”  Both you and your customer win.

The win for your customer is SAVINGS.  The win for you is REVENUE.

You get that, right?  I’m sure you do.  So, now you’re wondering…

How much is this course?  Here’s the answer (and I think you’ll be pleased)…

Use The Coupon Code "DEALFORME" And Get The Complete Coupon Engine Manual And Bonuses For Only $7

Setup Just One Coupon Code Campaign And This Training Will More Than Pay For Itself…

Now, I know you’re excited about grabbing the course, but before I let you do that, I do want to make sure you understand what is NOT included in this course.  The “technical” side of setting up coupon codes is not something I can explain in this course.  Why not?  Because every shopping cart system has a different interface.To setup your coupon code you will need  to refer to instructions provided by your specific order processing platform (IE Amember, Woocommerce, Udemy, etc.) in order to offer coupon codes.  It is usually a very quick and simple process (literally just entering some details and clicking a button) that takes place within your control panel.

With all that said, you have to ask yourself this simple question:
Is The Coupon Engine right for you?  

I can’t answer that for you.  And I don’t want to.  Seriously.  I could pull out all the marketing mumbo-jumbo here and try to persuade you to “buy now before it’s too late“.  But I have a greater respect for you than trying to prey on your emotions and play mind games.  Let’s not do that, okay?

Here’s what I will tell you.  Coupon codes work.  They work for you.  They work for your customers.  Done right, they’ll be good for your business both in the short-term and the long-term.   I’ve used them for a long time with great results.  I’ll be happy to show you what I know if you are interested in gleaning from my successes and failures.   That’s my pitch.

Buy The Coupon Engine if you think it will help you grow your business.
Don’t buy Coupon Engine if you think you have better options.

If you decide to buy The Coupon Engine, you’ll get the 10-lesson course and the four bonuses for a price that you can easily recoup many times over on your first coupon code campaign.  Or maybe you want to sell this course to others as a product in your business.  You’ve got two options…

$7 With Coupon Code


Normally $17


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