Your Favorite Topic Can Be Very Profitable.

You Can Make Money Creating Checklists About The Things You Love Doing Or Talking About

Here’s How To Earn Extra Income Or Start A Full-Time Business Working Your Own Schedule From The Comfort Of Your Home…


I’d be willing to guess there’s at least one topic that interests you more than anything else.

You find yourself talking about it a lot.

You love researching it by reading the latest blogs, news, books, and other information on the topic.

You spend a lot of “hands on” time doing some activity related to this topic.

You probably spend money on gear or resources related to this hobby, problem or interest.

And maybe your friends even ask you for advice about this topic with questions like these…

  • How do you get your chicken so juicy?
  • What lure do you use for walleyes?
  • How did you get all that traffic?
  • What’s your secret for weight loss?
  • What all did you see on your vacation?
  • How do you write a novel so fast?
  • How do you manage to raise such awesome kids?
  • How did you housetrain your puppy?
  • How did you get rid of your back pain?
  • You sold your home yourself? How did you do that?
  • How did you choose an old car to restore?
  • How do you make money selling in the Facebook market?
  • How did you get rid of your cellulite?
  • What’s your secret for growing tomatoes?

You get the point…

There’s something out there that you know a lot about.

It could be anything.

Maybe you know a lot about one of these topics…

  • Vegan Diet
    Small Business
    Branson, MO
    Fantasy Football
    Home Decorating

  • Ceramics / Pottery
    Wedding Planning
    Living With M.S.
    RV Travel
    Social Media

  • Photography
    College Life
    Disney Vacations
    Playing Golf
    Restoring Mustangs
    Youth Ministry

Like I said, it could be anything.

And you know what?

I can just about guarantee you there are people out there who are curious about what you know. Your friends and family already see you as an expert on this topic. And here’s the thing…

There Are A Lot Of Other People Who Are Willing To Pay Money To Find Out What You Know

Somewhere in the back of your mind you’ve had an inkling that there must be a way to take what you know and turn it into a way to make money. You like the idea of turning a passion into a profit. You also like the idea of helping other people solve problems, reach goals, and enjoy their hobbies & interests.

But you haven’t discovered a way to do it…

Until today, that is…



Your Guide To Turning Your Passion Into Profit In The Bank!

The Checklist Engine is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for creating checklists about your favorite topic to sell to others who are willing to pay to know what you know. This is a great course if you want to earn extra income or start a business that can create a passive, full-time income for you and your family.

When you download The Checklist Engine below, you will…


  • Learn exactly how to quickly create high-value, sellable checklists about a topic you love doing or talking about… and other unnecessary time-wasters.
  • Get dozens of examples of every critical part so you can understand how to start from scratch and end with a ready-to-sell checklist set that accomplishes your two primary goals: serves as a source of income for you and a source for making a difference in the lives of other people. Win-Win!
  • Complete actual“assignments” to immediately make progress toward your goal of selling checklists about your favorite subject matter. Hint: At the end of each of the ten lessons in this course is an assignment for you to complete so you actually DO SOMETHING instead of just gather more information.


As you work your way through The Checklist Engine curriculum, you will learn exactly what kinds of checklists to create that your customers will love, what to include in each checklist so your customers can use them to get results, how to build in “bonus bucks” where you make extra money from your checklists, and how to turn simple checklists into a thriving business. Plus a lot more. See below for exactly what is included.

It’s All Very Simple…

How this works is very straightforward:

  • You start with what you know (especially about your favorite topic)…
  • You turn your knowledge into a useful set of step-by-step checklists for others to follow and benefit from…
  • You turn these checklists into cashable checks!

No writing huge ebooks. No having to give a webinar. Nothing long or complicated at all…

Just create a set of simple checklists to teach others what you know. And make money doing it.

What Do You Mean By “Checklist”?

When I talk about “checklists,” I’m not talking about a page-long list of one-sentence points. Instead, these three-to-four-page checklists are more like mini-blueprints. That is, you elaborate on each point with explanations of how to do something, tips, templates, and/or examples.

Your checklist not only provides the steps of a process, it also provides details on what to do. It’s still short enough to print, yet it provides details that are sure to get your customers referring to it again and again. (And that’s a good thing as I’ll explain later.)

Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly what to include in each checklist, even giving you real examples of checklists that are currently being sold to others using this very system.

Sounds a little too good to be true? Maybe a little too easy?

If you’re feeling some resistance, if you’re shaking your head a little, it’s probably because there’s that little voice in the back of your head that’s trying to tell you it can’t be done.

And I’m here to tell you that it CAN be done – and it’s easier than you think. I’ve done it. Many times. (I’ll even give you examples of real checklist products in your downloaded materials.) I’ve taught others how to do it. And I’m going to teach you how to do it too.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Which of these ideas are nagging at the back of your mind?


“No one would pay for what I know.”

That’s not true and I can prove it. Just go to Amazon, and you’ll see that every day people are paying lots of money to learn about every topic under the sun!


“I have no idea what to write about.”

Maybe you can’t think up a topic offhand that interests you. No problem – this course has you covered, because you’ll discover 101 topic ideas across 20 different niche markets. You’re sure to have plenty of “hey, I can write about that!” moments as you go through all these profitable ideas.


“I don’t know where to start.”

This is the easiest problem of all. That’s because you’re about to get your hands on a complete system for turning your knowledge into step-by-step checklists, and then turning these checklists into cashable checks!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out this overview of the system that shows you everything you get when you order today…

This Course Will Show You Exactly How To Create Checklists For Anything That You Can Sell As Products Of Your Own

Here’s how to use The Checklist Engine to cash in on your knowledge…

Lesson 1:  [The Business Model] Two Ways to Sell Checklists to Make Money From Your Passion

One of the reasons this system is so profitable is because there are two main ways to sell what you create. This includes:

  1. Free checklists. This is where you sell the licensing to your checklists to other business owners and marketers, and then these people can give the content away for free to their prospects and customers to grow their businesses.
  2. Paid checklists. Here’s where you sell the checklists directly to your customers. Naturally, you can also sell the licensing to these checklists to get them in front of a wider audience (and make 5X as much profit while doing it.)

And inside this lesson you’ll find out how to maximize these strategies and choose the one that’s right for you!

Lesson 1: 5 Types Of Checklists That Your Customers Will Love (And Love You For Creating)

You’ve probably only ever encountered one type of checklist. (Yawn.) And that’s why this system is different, because you’ll learn how to create five main types of checklists, including:

  • Procedural
  • Connective
  • Discovery
  • Interrogatory
  • Diagnostic

Your customers are going to love these checklists because of the many different ways in which they can be used to create outcomes that make a difference to your customers.

Lesson 3: 7 Things To Include In Each Checklist So Users Can Get The Outcome They Want

Anyone can create a regular checklist. But if you want to create a profitable, uber-useful checklist that truly solves your customer’s problem, then it must include seven essential elements. You’ll discover what those seven essentials are when you download this lesson today!

Lesson 4: What An Ideal Set Of Checklists That People Want To Buy Looks Like

One of the keys to this system is to sell a bundle of at least 10 related checklists. And inside this lesson you’ll discover the exact 10 checklists you’ll create, including:

  • The Ultimate Checklist
  • The Breakdown Checklist
  • The “Your First ____” Checklist
  • The Faster Results Checklist

Plus six others that are sure to solve your customers’ problems and impress the heck out of them!

Lesson 5: The Five Essentials For Flawless Execution Of Your Checklist

When you create awesome checklists, you create satisfied customers who’ll continue doing business with you to buy other things you’re selling. What is an “awesome” checklist? One that the user can flawlessly use so they get the result they’re aiming at. And if a checklist is going to be awesome, it needs to include the five essentials revealed in this lesson.

What are those essentials… and which ones are you overlooking? Buy this package today to find out!

Lesson 6: How To Brainstorm Ideas, Research Points And Organize The Perfect Checklist

It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of creating your checklist. This process consists of the following three steps:

1. Brainstorming.

2. Researching.

3. Organizing.

It looks simple enough in black and white, but many people get stuck right here. This lesson shows you how to get it right the first time so you can create perfect checklists!

Lesson 7: Getting Other People To Prepare Exclusive Checklists For You (That Only You Can Sell)

Sure, you can create your checklists yourself, but the good news is that you don’t have to. Instead, you can hire a skilled writer to do all the work while you take all the credit. Or, maybe you want to write the checklists yourself, but want a graphic designer to present your content in an attractive layout. This lesson shows you the easiest way to find and hire a skilled freelancer who’ll deliver a beautiful set of checklists to you!

Lesson 8: 5 Costly Blunders That Are Easily Made But Easily Avoided By Taking Action Up Front

If this is your first time creating sellable checklists, then you’re more likely to make costly and/or time-consuming mistakes. These are the sort of mistakes that can cause you to quit the business altogether or create the sort of “low-quality” reputation you don’t want in your niche.

That’s why you’ll want to read this lesson carefully so you can avoid these costly blunders.

Lesson 9: 7 Ways To Build In Automatic “Bonus Bucks” For Each Checklist You Create

Now that your checklist bundle is ready to go, your next step is to open up a few pathways for extra profits. And inside this eye-opening lesson you’ll discover seven easy ways to make more money with your checklists – set it, forget it, and cash your checks.

Lesson 10: [Going Big] Turning Simple Checklists Into A Thriving Business

Your checklist bundle isn’t just a money-maker for you – it can become the basis of a thriving business.

Question is, how do you turn your simple checklists into a business? The key is to do it in five stages over time… and inside this lesson you’ll get a blueprint and examples for using this system to create a profitable business.

Order Today And Get These Five Bonuses To Make It Faster And Easier To Put This Checklist System To Work For You…

Bonus 1: The “Checklist Engine” Checklist

Ready to make the “Checklist Engine” process easier than ever? Then use this checklist, which walks you through every step you discovered in the course. Be sure to print this off so you can easily refer to it as you’re creating your first checklist bundle and setting up your business!

Bonus 2: 101 Ideas For Checklists That You Can Start Creating Today

Maybe you already know what topic you’ll focus on for your checklists. But what if you don’t already know? What if you’re wondering what you’re going to write about?

No worries, because I’ve got you covered. Inside this document you’re going to get 101 ideas for checklist sets across 20 popular markets.

Bonus 3: Your Done-For-You, Fill-In-The-Blanks, Checklist Sales Letter Template

One of the keys to selling a lot of checklists is to ensure you have a sales letter that thoroughly explains how your offer can benefit others in their pursuit of a particular outcome. In other words, you want to show them how your checklists can actually help them solve a problem, reach a goal, or enjoy more fully a particular hobby or interest. The good news is that you can make light work of this task simply by using this fill-in-the-blank sales letter. Just copy, tweak to suit your needs, paste into your website… and profit.

Bonus 4: [Case Study] Read Step-By-Step How A Disney-Themed Checklist Set Comes Alive

Ready to see the entire “Checklist Engine” in action? Then follow along as we go through the step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson process to create a Disney-themed checklist. It’s like looking over my shoulder to see this system in action.

Bonus 5: Five Surefire Writing Tips for Creating Effective Checklists That Your Customers Are Sure to Love

As you might suspect, the writing required to create an effective checklist is a little different than a lot of the other writing you do. That’s why you’ll want to check out these five writing tips for creating better checklists.

Plenty of business owners who start outsourcing do so without any thought to their return on investment (ROI). And that’s a mistake. If you can boost your ROI, then you can make even more money with your existing team. That’s why you’ll want to check out the five ROI-boosting ideas revealed in this bonus!

As you can see, Freedom F.O.R.C.E.  gives you everything you
need to set up your own profitable freelancing team!

You can certainly see the value. So, now you’re wondering…

How Much Is It?

This is the part that’s going to get you grinning from ear to ear with delight. Because when you act now (and I mean RIGHT NOW), here's the deal that is waiting for you...

Get Access To The Checklist Engine And Start Creating Your Own Profitable Checklists For Just $7

Create Your Own Checklist Set That You Can Sell Over And Over Again
For $9.97, $19.97 Or Even $97.00 For Licensing Rights.

If creating checklists about your favorite topic to sell is something you are interested in doing, then this is a really good bargain for this package. After all, if you used this system to create a set of checklists and then sell them to just a couple people, you’d recoup your investment very quickly.

But we both know that’s not the goal. My goal for you (and your goal for yourself) is not to sell these checklists to just a couple of people. The goal is to sell these checklist to many people. And then earn “built in” extra income from those people.

I’m confident in this system (I use it myself), so I know it works. I know it’s worth every penny. And you’ll know it too just as soon as you put it to work for you.

So if you’re ready to get started right now because you realize the potential of what this kind of training could do for you (and I suspect you are), it's time to turn your passion into profit...

Limited Time Offer $7

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