MemberSonic Pro v2.000 Release Notes

This month marks the 4th year anniversary of MemberSonic Pro.  We launched MemberSonic in beta in September 2012, and since that time we’ve made 84 updates to the software.

Over the past few months, Alex has been busy behind the scenes working on a new version MemberSonic Pro.  He has spent 150 hours reworking the user interface and streamlining the code.

The result?  MemberSonic Pro version 2.0.

While there are just a few new features in version 2.0, there are MANY enhancements.   And these enhancements set the foundation for future growth.  We have some important new features coming to MemberSonic Pro that just couldn’t fit in the existing interface.

Our goal has always been to have an intuitive product where any setting could be accomplished within just a few clicks.

MemberSonic Pro version 2.0 is the evolution that keeps us within that goal going forward in 2016.


  • Added new shortcode that allows members to automatically upgrade to another level.
  • Added ability to customize the front end CSS for login forms and registration forms.
  • Added ability to delete members directly from the Member Management screen.


  • Complete overhaul of the user interface.
  • Increased plugin speed.
  • Reduced plugin file size.
  • JS and CSS cleaned and replaced with the single bootstrap library.
  • Mobile Responsive backend user interface.
  • Mobile Responsive front end login and registration forms.
  • Password reset function is redone. The user can input his own password.
  • Updated branding (logo, colors)
  • Removed dashboard sidebar.
  • Introduced icons on dashboard and member management screen.
  • Added full currency options for PayPal buttons.
  • Improved page name and page slugs for redirect pages that are automatically created using the Wizard setup.
  • Improved the functionality of the Mail Broadcast feature.


I’ve love to hear your feedback. Post a comment below if to let me know what you think of the new version of MemberSonic Pro!

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