MemberSonic Pro v1.430 Release Notes

Today we released version 1.430 of our MemberSonic plugin.  This version includes the following awesome changes additions…


  • ActiveCampaign API Integration TAGS – In the last version we added API integration with ActiveCampaign.  We have now added the ability to tag members to your ActiveCampaign lists (if you use ActivateCampaign then you know how powerful this is!
  • Show Only Future Content – When checked (under the membership level settings step 2), this will hide all previously posted member content from new members.
  • Add to Levels (When someone joins this level) – No you can automatically add new members to another level when they become a member of a particular level.



  • Added Javascript controls under General Settings to help user identify ‘required’ fields in order to save settings.
  • Reworked mailer options to improve functionality
  • Fixed email ‘name’ field
  • Reworked Member Mgmt update function
  • Fixed conflict with FunnelKit Plugin
  • Fixed conflict with PT Instant Plugin


NOTE:  We also reworked/improved our licensing system.  When you attempt to update/activate MemberSonic, you will be prompted to enter your license key.  If you try to enter your old key it will FAIL.  You must then login to the members area and navigate to the plugin download page.  When you do that, your existing key will be automatically replaced with a NEW KEY.  Enter this new key to activate MemberSonic.  This is a one time event that you must do for all of your membership sites.


Please login to the members area and download the new version or wait to see it in the WordPress auto-updates.

For the complete Change Log, please click here.

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