Plugin Installation

The wpRevealer plugin is extremely easy to install and setup. The plugin is installed like any other standard WordPress plugin.

 Step 1: Use the Add New WordPress feature (Plugins | Add new) to upload the plugin file:

 Step 2: Activate the plugin.


 Plugin Upgrade

Step 1: Deactivate the existing Plugin.

Step 2: Delete the existing Plugin.

Step 3: Install the new plugin using the procedure above.

Setup & Usage

There is no real setup required to use this plugin. Simply locate the content on your post or page that you want to hide and place [reveal-after-delay x = minutes.seconds] in front and [/reveal-after-delay] at the end. Replace ‘X” with the time delay that you want to hide that text before it is revealed.

Example: This button will display at 12 minutes and 30 seconds after the wordpress page loads:

[reveal-after-delay x = 12.30] BUY NOW BUTTON [/reveal-after-delay]


Additional Usage Tips

  • You can use the shortcode multiple times on one page, but you cannot use it within the shortcode. For example, you cannot have time delayed content within time delayed content.
  • The time delay is in increments of minutes and seconds. Do not enter .255 seconds as the shortcode will not work. If you want it to come on after 2 hours, then enter 120 minutes.

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