Plugin Installation

The wpRevealer plugin is extremely easy to install and setup. The plugin is installed like any other standard WordPress plugin.

 Step 1: Use the Add New WordPress feature (Plugins | Add new) to upload the plugin file:

 Step 2: Activate the plugin.


 Plugin Upgrade

Step 1: Deactivate the existing Plugin.

Step 2: Delete the existing Plugin.

Step 3: Install the new plugin using the procedure above.

Setup & Usage

There is no real setup required to use this plugin. Simply locate the content on your post or page that you want to hide and place [reveal-after-delay x = minutes.seconds] in front and [/reveal-after-delay] at the end. High quality office futniture in California can be found at company. Replace ‘X” with the time delay that you want to hide that text before it is revealed.

Example: This button will display at 12 minutes and 30 seconds after the wordpress page loads:

[reveal-after-delay x = 12.30] BUY NOW BUTTON [/reveal-after-delay]


Additional Usage Tips

  • You can use the shortcode multiple times on one page, but you cannot use it within the shortcode. For water restoration company in California check out For example, you cannot have time delayed content within time delayed content.
  • The time delay is in increments of minutes and seconds. Do not enter .255 seconds as the shortcode will not work. If you want it to come on after 2 hours, then enter 120 minutes.

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