Deal Guardian Integration

MemberSonic can be used to deliver content sold through a 3rd party affiliate platform called Deal Guardian.  The following procedure can be followed to integrate Deal Guardian with MemberSonic.

Step 1. In Deal Guardian, navigate to Add-ons, Integration.  Click on ‘Create New IPN Integration.



Step 2.  Select your product, then  enter the IPN URL (obtain from MemberSonic General Settings), and enter a unique Secret Key.


Step 3.  Enter your unique Secret Key in the Deal Guardian Secret Key field in MemberSonic (General Settings – Affiliate System Integration).

deal guardian secret key


Step 4.  Obtain your Deal Guardian Product number.  This is the unique number found at the end of your Deal Guardian url in your browser (ie.
.  In this example, the product number is 550.


Step 5.  Enter your Deal Guardian Product number in your MemberSonic Product/Level settings (Dashboard-Edit Level).

Deal Guardian Integration


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