How We Are Helping You During COVID-19

Time and No Money

These are tough times for millions of people right now.  Many of you have lost your jobs and may be struggling to make ends meet.

It's an uncertain future.

Plugin Results is doing what we can to help our followers.  That said, we've introduced a number of things that we have rolled out through our Facebook group since last week...

  • Contest to win one of 3 free memberships to our One Result membership program (basically access to all of our software and training).
  • Option to access all of our courses for free.
  • Option to purchase MemberSonic Pro for $1 (retails for $97).
  • Enrollment into our MemberSonic Insider Bootcamp.
  • Tips on all the free training we can find on the internet and how to get it.

If you want in on this, all you need to do is to join our Facebook group in the link below.

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