2.06 – Zaxaa Integration

MemberSonic can be used to deliver content sold through a 3rd party affiliate platform called Zaxaa.  The following procedure can be followed to integrate Zaxaa with MemberSonic.

Step 1. Obtain your API signature from your Zaxaa account (Settings – Account Settings).

Zaxaa - Edit Account - 2013-10-09_09.19


Step 2.  Enter your API Signature in the Zaxaa Secret Key field in MemberSonic (General Settings – Affiliate System Integration).



Step 3.  Enter the Zaxaa IPN URL (from the screenshot above) into your Zaxaa product settings (see screenshot below).

Zaxaa - Test - 2013-10-09_09.15

Step 4.  Obtain your Zaxaa Product SKU number.

Zaxaa - Test - 2013-10-09_09.15

Step 5.  Enter your Zaxaa Product SKU number in your MemberSonic Product/Level settings (Dashboard-Edit Level).



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